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Brilliant. Just brilliant!

I love this kit. It was really easy to apply, and so far I’ve had it on for 2 weeks and there’s not a chip, a crack, a mark. Nothing! And I’ve been on holiday, in the sandy beaches, in a hot tub, cleaning kids up constantly. I’m genuinely impressed. The colours are gorgeous too and can’t wait to use others and buy others 😂. One thing I would say, that makes it my favourite, is it doesn’t make your nails look clunky like other gel nails and salon nails can look. It’s a thin but strong application and it makes your nails look super shiny. Actually love it!! Made a long term customer out of me for sure.

They do feel nicer than other press ons

I’m partially sighted but still want pretty nails. I tried getting the nails done in the salon, but my nails grow relatively fast and gel only lasted about 10 days before it didn’t look as tidy. Then it would be so difficult to take off the gel and would take ages. I started using press ons a while ago and have used many different brands. These really do feel high quality and they fit my nail beds perfectly and look as if I only painted my natural nail. I strongly recommend not to use a nail sticker. That creates more bulk and it glue residue when the nail is removed. The nail glue provided here is actually excellent as it’s applied by a brush.
My only issue is not with the quality but that the styles are a little boring and plain and that there are not enough styles. I bought 4 styles but none of them were particularly exciting. Bottom line: amazing quality, need more styles.

Remover Basics
Very impressed!

Super easy, professional looking and lasted full 3 weeks. Nails are as strong as with BIAB gel. Wont be going back to the nail salon.

Easy to use

Love the colours and easy to use. Stays strong for a similar time to gels.

Great kit!!

The doonails kit is fab! Once you’ve had a go along with the tutorial it then becomes quite easy to get in a rhythm with it. They are beautiful and feel very strong. Thank you 🤩

Fast, simple and durable

I am totally thrilled with the press ons! If I have to do something quickly, I'll never put anything else on my nails again. Despite daily wear and tear, they stay firmly in place. I love them :)

Press Ons

Are nice, but a little too long for me

Really beautiful

I love them, I can't wait to see how long they last.
Very easy to stick on.

The perfect solution for me!

I didn't get on so well with the dipping powder system. The press ons are the perfect solution for me. I use them with the nail glue. They last longer than 2 weeks for me.

OMG these colors

Unbelievable. This is the first time I started using dipping powder. It's just so simple to apply.


For the 1st time Soft Gel Press Ons. I have used the stickers it feels firm I am curious to see how long they last. For now I am very happy with it....

Great set

Great starter set, easy to use, beautiful colors.

Beautiful nails with do nails

Thanks to my mom, I got to know this simple method to do your own is totally easy to make these pretty nails! It takes time and practice until it works but it looks totally pretty in the end And you can also create cool color gradients 👍💅

Really Great colors

My sister-in-law got me hooked. I have Snow White, Gala Gal, Blue Angel, Bubbel Gum Pink Glitter and Rose Red and I love it. Will definitely be ordering again.

Stable gel nails

So first big praise, it holds bombastic! I am very enthusiastic. The big problem, however, are the vials. They stick every time and I have to open them with pliers, even if you are careful. Maybe glass vials will help here? I hope the problem is still fixed. I use the products namely very happy, but the sticking is very annoying... and in the long run I do not with....

Good colors

This is a perfect kit to get started with!

Dipping Powder Starter Set (4 Colours)
Rocchina Ponzo (Goldencut Hairsalon)

"I am totally surprised and very excited!!!

Great quality! Unfortunately it does not last too long

Am very enthusiastic about the application and the luminosity of the colors. Unfortunately, the first gel layers fall off after a few days. All in all, however, a good and inexpensive alternative to the nail salon.

In Love

Dreamlike color , proven quality 😍😍😍

Supa ❤️

I don't have much talent for my nails.😅 But I would like to have nice manicured nails without always having to go to the nail salon. So I tried doonails. I am so excited how easy it is. It's mega fun to do your nails now. It is a bit cumbersome to remove everything again but it all goes. I am very satisfied.


The nails last more than 4 weeks with me, I had to redo the nails because they are already very outgrown 😳 The application worked great and the result looks very nice 🥰 VERY RECOMMENDED 👍👍👍

Ready for longer nails

For years I go to the nail studio. Due to the lockdowns, this was not possible for a long time and I decided to wear my nails short again. Unfortunately, however, these are very thin and cracked. Not to think of a waxing. Now I have dared myself for the first time! And it worked great! With a steady hand a super first result! When the nails are longer again, there is also again color. I am further excited!


One of the main reasons why I chose this kit was that it is free of animal testing, and you do not have to grind your own nails before! Also, it does not take much time, Although some practice if you want a nice result but you have the Dreh herausen quickly! Unfortunately, I have very broken nails and with me the layer splinters off quickly times, hope that I have a better result with another technique ... My set came complete, with the right colors and a great explanation! 👍🏼 Improvement I find only that you should also be able to reorder the individual vials (base, activator, etc.).

Top product

Great white. Covers very well with 2 times dipping!

Absolutely recommendable!

I saw ads from Doonails on Pinterest and thought long and hard if I really want to try it at that price. I was very skeptical because of the application and Haltbatkeit. But then I let myself be lured by the Black Week offer ❤ and I must say, the offer is definitely worth the price. The application is really as simple as it looks and the nails keep super long. Have made them down today after 2 weeks, but only because I felt like a different color, they still looked top. The removal is unfortunately a bit tedious and produces a lot of garbage, but if you have to do it only 1x a month, that's ok.

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