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Unique manicure experience with an innovative soft gel formula.

Our Soft Gel Press Ons are made from high-quality gel material, providing not only stability and durability but also ensuring a natural and elegant look. Reusable as often as desired, for perfect nails in just a few minutes

Got 2 minutes? Discover what makes our Soft Gel Press Ons so special

The perfect addition to the Doonails manicure world: Soft Gel Press Ons. Transform your nails into real eye-catchers in just a few minutes - conveniently wherever you want.

Find out why we chose Press Ons and what makes them so special in the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply your Press Ons either with the included adhesive stickers or with nail glue.

Follow these steps:

  • File natural nails, gently push back cuticles, remove invisible cuticle at the nail base, and roughen the nail surface.
  • Clean nails thoroughly with the cleaning cloth. Choose the appropriate size of the Press Ons.
  • TIP: Usually, each nail on both hands has the same size.
  • Press Ons that are too large can be easily filed narrower at the edges.
  • OPTION 1: Application with ADHESIVE STICKERS: Attach adhesive stickers with protective film to the nail and press firmly. Use the wooden stick to remove air bubbles at the edges and peel off the protective film. Place Press Ons at a 45-degree angle at the nail base and slowly lower with some pressure. Press firmly for about 60 seconds.
  • OPTION 2: Application with NAIL GLUE: Apply nail glue generously to the adhesive side of the Press On nail. Optionally, thinly coat the natural nail with nail glue. Place Press Ons at a 45-degree angle at the nail base and slowly lower with some pressure. Press firmly for about 60 seconds.

IMPORTANT: Do not file at the top, as it can loosen/peel the top coat seal. It's best to file Press Ons narrower only on the sides.

  • Apply nail oil to the edges of the nails and massage in well to make it easier to remove the glue/stickers.
  • Add warm water, 1-2 pipettes of nail oil and 2 pumps of soap to a bowl. If you have used nail glue, add about 10 ml of Doonails Remover to the oil bath and leave the nails to soak for about 10 minutes.
  • During this time, keep lifting and loosening the press-ons with the rosewood stick until they come off completely.
  • Soak in the oil bath again for a few minutes if necessary.
  • Gently remove any glue residue with the buffer.
  • Treat nails with nail oil.

Removing the press-ons is super easy and cares for your nails and hands at the same time.

It is important that the water is pleasantly warm and that you add a little soap of your choice, as this ensures that the oil and water mix well.

If you use the adhesive stickers provided, the press-ons will usually last around 5-7 days. If you stick them on with the Doonails nail glue, they will last for approx. 14 days. The durability always depends on the individual application and the stress on the nails.

Possible reasons for a shorter shelf life are:

  • Pool and salt water
  • High stress on the nails
  • Oily oils or creams
  • Aggressive rinsing and cleaning agents
  • Incorrect application

How often can I use the press-ons? However, before using them again, make sure that no adhesive residue is left on the underside and that all oil residue is removed. If you attach your Press Ons with nail glue, you will most likely only be able to use them once, as a remover is required to remove them, which will probably change the appearance of your Press Ons. The adhesive residue is also very difficult to remove.

No need to worry! Our Press Ons are made from an innovative gel formula and contain neither HEMA nor DI-HEMA. They are also free from benzoyl peroxide, which can often cause skin irritation and allergies. This makes them the ideal choice for allergy sufferers!

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